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Get ready to dig! Hours of fun await in Gem Goblin, a new game for iOS and Android platforms.

Explore a limitless variety of mines as you dig for valuable gems and survive deadly trap-filled Temples to find better items.

Your mission is to find the priceless Black Opal, and to find it you'll have to dig through caves, dungeons, underground lakes, lava pits, ancient temples, and icy glaciers.


  • Limitless exploration gameplay: All levels are generated and will never be the same level twice! Endless exploring fun!
  • Two Game Modes: In Normal mode, you can save your progress and reload from a save if you die. Once you master that, play Iron Goblin mode for the ultimate challenge!
  • Multiple Biomes: Explore all different kinds of generated areas within the game. Dungeons, Underground Lakes, Temples, Ice Caves, and more all combine to form unique and beautiful underground landscapes to explore.
  • Many different Enemies: Your quest will be opposed by 8 different kinds of enemies each with their own unique behavior.
  • Power Up Mushrooms: Digging, Shield, and Medusa mushrooms will power you up and give you the extra boost you need to defeat your opponents and dig through the mine!
  • Level Ups: Find new Picks to dig with in the Ancient Temples, which grant you ever-increasing magical powers!


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Requires iOS 3.1 or Android 2.2 and up.






Totally digging this game! My mom would love this game, she goes nuts for any games with gems, and this game clearly contains the most gems.

Mike @ Android Market 5/5

Clever Roguelike Puzzler! You are a lowly Goblin Miner trying to prove yourself. Meet your specific gem quota as efficiently as possible. Digging up gems saps strength so be sure to keep an eye out for mushrooms, heck some even bestow cool temporary powers. You can't really level up in this game... but your pick can. If you're able to brave the deadly temple mazes you might find more powerful picks that will not only up your maximum power but give off cool magical effects from time to time. Your score gained from each level is based on the gems you got and how few turns you used to do it. You can always grab gems off your list but if this means taking several extra turns to complete your list, it might not be worth it. Can you find the fabled black opal?

Lord Gek @ iTunes 5/5

Highly addictive! Love the randomly generated maps and the save option. There's a lot to explore and who doesn't enjoy digging up gems? This game is definitely worth the two bucks!

Creepyhen @ iTunes

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