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You are the Rogue Miner. You find yourself in a vast, hostile world, and the only way to survive is to mine and fight your way through each level, gathering all of the gems you see.

Once you get all of the gems, you will gain experience and return to the Overworld, until you enter the next dungeon and return to the adventure.

Find Ores and Enchantments to craft new tools and weapons to better equip yourself. But be careful. The amount of time you can spend digging in each level is limited by how many torches you can find, and many types of enemies are there to challenge you.

Unlock the mystery of a procedurally generated world where magic and mystery abound. Unlock the secrets of the 7 Temples and the Pyramid: if you can avoid getting killed by the traps. Can you find and beat the three Bosses to unlock your character's ultimate power?

Explore, battle and dig your way through glaciers, lava pits, flying castles, jungles, swamps, and much more!

Level up your stats in the way you choose - increase:

  • Strength to become a stronger fighter
  • Intelligence to become a better spell user
  • Agility to become better at dodging traps and enemies
  • Craft to explore new biomes and use more powerful ores


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Requires iOS 3.1 or Android 2.2 and up.






This game is so much fun, I play it any time have time to kill, it's super addictive. It also has really superb music, all of the tracks match the levels perfectly, it must have been created by a musical genius!!!

Btl88 @ iTunes 5/5

Love It
Fun game with supercool tunes!

Phr1956 @ iTunes 5/5

Great sound, fun game
The tutorial started the game off a bit too slowly, but once things actually get moving, Rogue Miner will hook you. The in-game guide is vital, and well put-together. The soundtrack has an excellent old-school feel to it, and does not lack for complexity. I can't stand to play the game with the sound off. Options for character image customization would be nice.

Tikijoe @ iTunes 4/5

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